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Discover the Vadurkin, a faction ignited by the echoes of Scandinavian, Celtic, Nordic, and fantasy barbarians. In the fantastical world of RECKONING, they channel the primal vigor of both history and fantasy, painting a vivid narrative of raw strength and unyielding spirit. Draped in shades of BLUE, the Vadurkin epitomize the untamed, harmonizing with browns, tans, greys, whites, and blacks to signify their allegiance. From decorative gambesons to the allure of leather, chainmail, and splinted armor, their choices mirror rugged vigor, while weaponry such as arming swords, hand axes, battle axes, hammers, longbows, and spears reflect their relentless ferocity. Embark on a journey of barbaric valor and indomitable spirit alongside the Vadurkin, and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of RECKONING.