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Explore the allure of the Suzak-Mar, a faction seamlessly merging the cultural tapestries of the Middle East, Asia, Romania, and India. Within the enchanting realm of RECKONING, their visual inspiration from these diverse regions creates a captivating narrative that unites history and fantasy. Draped in luminous YELLOW, the Suzak-Mar radiate allegiance, blending with browns, tans, greys, whites, and blacks. Adorned in banded leather, splinted armor, chainmail, scalemail, lamellars, and Eastern-inspired plate armor, their armor echoes the fusion of tradition and innovation. Weapons such as sabers, scimitars, broadswords, dao, katanas, naginatas, recurve bows, and horse bows embody the elegance of the East. Embark on an Eastern odyssey as you become part of a tapestry that weaves cultures and fantasy in the vibrant world of RECKONING.